2 job openings (as of March 2021)

Location: NL


as a junior Intel Intermediary at OSINTELINK you:

Assess information- and intel-needs on specific themes and translate these to effective reports;

Develop relationships with clients to understand their intel requirements;

Conduct investigations, perform research, analyse information and prepare clear and concise reports on trends and developments related to specific themes;

Have the ability to quickly assess information published through various media outlets to take appropriate courses of action; equally capable of research/analysis as well as working within a team to build and maintain contacts and networks in various fields of operation;

Have the essential ability and desire to signal unpredictable trends and developments and translate them into clear and concise reports on varying themes;

Are extremely flexible as IM’s are regularly tasked to engage in extensive projects, training and domestic travel, sometimes on short notice and may be required to work irregular hours;

Must successfully pass the initial Entry Training and are expected to continue to develop their skills through subsequent required trainings and professional development;

Manage the collection and processing of data to produce intelligence for public and private sector organisations conform strict validating guidelines;

Deliver information in formal reports or as presentations and desk-level briefings to clients (boardroom).

Application instructions
Please send your CV and covering letter as one document to: hrmeurope@osintelink.nl. Your covering letter should include details on your education, experience and availability. You should also highlight the extent to which your skills/experience meets the requirements of the role and your motivation behind applying.

Please note that a pre-employment Security Screening, Security Assessment and Entry Training are part of the selection procedure.


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Staffing and Recruiting Agencies
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Staffing and Recruiting Agencies that are not a preferred supplier but do wish to respond to a vacancy, should contact hrminternational@osintelink.nl for further enquiries.