Online and Offline Security & Situational Awareness (Social Media Integrity)

Large-scale and continuous research into incidents and the causes and consequences of security and situational (un-) awareness by employees has shown that unintended negligent usage of personal and company confidential information is in most cases at the root of a security or privacy incident.

The research is being conducted by OSINTELINK and Tilburg University (i.a.), supported by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs. The results of the research are laid down in various publications, including the report “Information Leakage in the Netherlands – Awareness & Management of Personal and Company Confidential Information” (ISBN: 978-90-818205-0-9).

OSINTELINK provides both private and public organisations with valuable tools to prepare and implement Online and Offline Security & Situational Awareness Raising and Education.

OSINTELINK has developed a number of educational programmes to raise Online and Offline Security & Situational Awareness, including Social Media Integrity:

  • Scientific Research
  • Conferences and workshops
  • Publications
  • Company security scans
  • Pre-employment screenings and Integrity Assessments
  • Easily accessible campaigns (posters, video's, newsletters)
  • Suspicious Activity Reporting (extent and nature of pre-incident activities)
  • Awareness Raising Programmes: advice, education, implementation, communication and project management

These methods are developed through partnerships with organisations from various EU member states (corporations, governments, academic and educational institutions) and reflect our fields of expertise, including:

Security and Situational Awareness Raising, (Corporate) Espionage, Violent Online Extremism, Terrorism, Online Radicalisation, Organised Crime, Human Trafficking, Social Engineering and Geopolitical Conflicts.

Learn how to benefit from our Social Media Intelligence, Online and Offline Security & Situational Awareness programmes, Online Predictive Profiling, Corporate Resilience Modules (GDPR), Online and Offline Social Engineering and Suspicious Activity Reporting by Requesting a Consultation.