OSINTELINK facilitates new scholarship in Social Media Intelligence by offering and supporting publication opportunities to share ground-breaking work, receive scholarly feedback, and network professionally. Our aim is to help junior and senior researchers share their ideas and discoveries as widely and as effectively as possible.

Continuously, OSINTELINK seeks high-quality, original papers that address the theory, design, development and evaluation of ideas, tools, techniques and methodologies in Social Media Intelligence.

Authors are welcome to submit original Research Articles, Review Articles, Research Notes, and Commentaries dealing with themes relating to Social Media Intelligence.

OSINTELINK regularly ‘calls for papers’, asking for submissions within particular fields or focused on specific topics. Answering these is a great way to get published, ensuring your research fits a particular theme’s aims and scope.

Papers must be written in English and not exceed 10 pages

Deadlines are ongoing unless otherwise stated.

OSINTELINK believes that our work should be shared as widely as possible. We also licence all of publications under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 licence. This means that unless otherwise noted, you can republish our content online or in print for free. You just have to credit us and link to us, and you can’t edit our material or sell it separately.

Creative Commons-Licentie

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