For more than 15 years and by producing more than 250 reports each year, OSINTELINK has been gathering, analysing and de-escalating local, national and global security threats through profound and powerful Security and Situational Awareness Programmes, Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and Social Media Intelligence (SOCMINT). OSINTELINK provides continuous access to near real-time information that accurately describes the security posture of persons, events and organisations with drill down capability to a single actor, organisation or social network: Detect, Determine and Deter - DET3.


Detect, Determine and Deter the threat of organised crime and online violent extremism in core areas such as Social Media Intelligence & Analysis and Online Predictive Profiling.

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Large-scale and continuous research into incidents and the causes and consequences of security (un-) awareness by employees has shown that unintended negligent usage of personal and company confidential information is in…

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OSINTELINK leads and facilitates research, analysis and education to help understand and respond to the evolution and complexity of off- and online security challenges.

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90% of all employees find it necessary to pay more attention to
Security & Situational Awareness

Only 19% of all companies have embedded security & situational awareness raising in their overall security policy

86% of all employees manage company confidential information intuitively

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