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1. REQUIREMENTS 2 Documents 1 / 1 Tasks 0 Responses

Requirements are identified information needs from:

Internal Assessment: REFPERSONS a/o REFGROUPS and External Assessment: REPORT-Request

2. PLANNING AND DIRECTION 2 Documents 1 / 1 Tasks 0 Responses

Planning and Direction is [OS]INTELINK’s management of the entire effort from identifying the need for information to delivering the intelligence product to the [CLIENT]. It involves implementation-plans to satisfy requirements levied on [OS]INTELINK, as well as identifying specific collection-requirements based on identified needs. Planning and Direction is also responsive to the end of the cycle, as current and finished intelligence, which supports decision making, generates new requirements:

Internal Assessment: REFPERSONS a/o REFGROUPS.

3. COLLECTION 2 Documents 0 / 1 Tasks 0 Responses

Collection is the gathering of raw information based on internal and external requirements. Activities* include open source operations (*undefined modus operandi).

4. PROCESSING AND EXPLOITATION 2 Documents 0 / 1 Tasks 0 Responses

Processing and Exploitation involves converting the vast amount of information collected to a form usable by analysts. This is done through a variety of methods including decryption, language translation, and data reduction. Processing may include the entering of raw data into databases where it can be exploited for use in the analysis process.

5. ANALYSIS AND PRODUCTION 2 Documents 0 / 1 Tasks 0 Responses

Analysis and Production is the converting of raw information into intelligence. It includes integrating, evaluating, and analysing available data and preparing intelligence products. The information’s reliability, validity, and relevance is evaluated and weighed.

The information is logically integrated, put in context, and used to produce intelligence. This includes both raw and finished intelligence.

Raw Intelligence is referred to as INFORMATION by [OS]INTELINK.

Finished Intelligence is referred to as KNOWLEDGE by [OS]INTELINK; putting information in context and drawing conclusion about its implications.

6. DISSEMINATION 2 Documents 0 / 1 Tasks 0 Responses

Dissemination is the distribution of finished intelligence to [CLIENTS] whose needs initiated the intelligence requirements.

Dissemination may lead to the levying of more or new [REQUIREMENTS], thus continuing or re-initiating [OS]INTELINK’s intelligence cycle.

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